Keeping a clear head during the – sometimes long – working day can be difficult. Attention spans are stretched, energy levels fall, and workload increases. Researcher Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, claims that most employees are only productive for around four hours a day, leaving a significant part of the day wasted on worrying and fretting.

Introducing healthy habits into your working day can help to maintain optimum levels of productivity, as well as a healthy body and a happy mind. Rather than outlining the obvious – eating well, sleeping enough, exercise etc. – we wanted to share some useful health & wellness apps that might make life a little more enjoyable.


Created by former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, this meditation and mindfulness app gives users a workout for the brain with a selection of “guided meditations”. Puddicombe suggests that it takes ten minutes a day to listen in and clear your mind, which results in a better attention span, increased alertness and instant calm. The app is designed for beginners, assuming that you’ve never meditated before and that you may not understand the “point” of meditation practice. Its goal is to teach you the foundational aspects of meditation in your first 10 days of using the app.

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Pocket Yoga

Short, easy workouts are a great way to break up the working day, leaving you energised to finish your tasks. Pocket Yoga is perfect for introducing some calm into your day; with more than 200 easy to understand illustrated poses, the app guides users through poses with voice instructions. Choose from a range of classes based on your ability and time available, and track your progress in the Apple Healthy app.

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Staying hydrated is essential for your body; those who maintain good hydration have improved alertness, better concentration, and overall enhanced cognitive performance compared with those who are dehydrated. Waterlogged helps you make sure you’re getting enough water by allowing you to take pictures of your drinking vessels to quickly and automatically log your water intake. Set reminders for yourself at scheduled, or random intervals to get something to drink and keep track of how well you are meeting your daily water drinking goals.

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Simple Steps

Ashley Stahl suggests that diet has a more direct impact and productivity levels than most of us realise, with the wrong foods having a detrimental effect on our mood and work output. Simple Steps is an app that helps users to create one small change consistently, until is becomes a habit, then moving on to the next one. By learning about your specific eating habits and daily routine, the app suggests simple changes to your diet by delivering reminders to help build healthy habits like drinking a glass of water each lunchtime, or eating an apple a day. Making one, small change at a time increases the chances of creating good habits that will last a lifetime.

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Bad posture – related to hunching over a laptop or desk – is a growing epidemic and, over a prolonged period, can be the source of extreme pain and discomfort.  UPRIGHT GO is a “biofeedback trainer” – a small machine that’s designed to correct your posture and therefore reduce pain and strengthen your core. Whilst notably not cheap, the device promises to reduce stress, bring calm into your life, and boost productivity by keeping your spine and head aligned, allowing a more steady flow of oxygen to the brain.  The user is given a training regime, starting with nine minutes and increasing daily. In training mode the device vibrates when you slouch; in tracking, it simply records your stats to straighten.

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