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Co-Owner Kellie Allen talks about coworking space theHUB in Ibiza.

Having come to the island of Ibiza from working as a full-time PA for a bustling comms and events agency in the heart of Shoreditch, I quite enjoyed the novelty of rolling out of bed in the mornings and opening my laptop at the dinner table in my sunny Ibiza Town apartment, still in my PJs with bed-head hair. It certainly beat the 6am alarm and daily struggles only a London commuter would understand.

But soon, like many other freelancers I’ve now come to hear from in Ibiza, my productivity and motivation levels started to slip. Small things at first like stopping to do the washing up, house chores, having a quick call with my Mum… Before I knew it, I was staying in my PJs for most of the day, not bothering to get dressed and leave the house for some fresh air, a walk, exercise. Sometimes only leaving the apartment to go to the supermarket and buy food. I was becoming a recluse. My confidence was slipping and the thought of venturing out in an effort to meet new people, make friends and discover more about this amazing new place I called my home filled me with anxiety. What was wrong with me? I always considered myself to be an outgoing person. Why was I having to talk myself into leaving the house to do something nice – like watching the sunset at Es Vedra?

Living alone in a new country and making that move from everything you’ve ever known to new surroundings, new rules, a new language, a new way of life – It’s underestimated how much this can affect you in the early stages. It’s a test of character and strength. A huge factor to change that was when I made the switch from working at home, to a co working space in Ibiza. Although nothing like my work routine back in London, it offered more structure to my day whilst allowing me to separate my work life from my home life. This was something I found hugely beneficial in getting tasks completed and working hard whilst allowing myself to switch off the laptop after work and enjoy my free time. Being in a co-working environment played an interesting part – not only in improving my focus and productivity – but more importantly, allowing me to blossom back into the social butterfly I had once been. I met so many like-minded people and was able to network and integrate into new social and professional circles.

theHUB. was a dream of mine and my boyfriend Sam’s. By this point we had both experienced co-working in Ibiza for a while and knew the advantages far outweighed working alone from home. We wanted to create a new space in the heart of the island, easily accessible by car and public transport and somewhere that offered free parking – which is somewhat hard to come by on the island, especially in the summer. We wanted not only to create the right environment for our members to work in, but build a community of businesses and individuals who would grow together and collaborate with each other. We were proud to see that happening instantly, and it continues to happen a mere five months into the birth of our CoWorking space. Our tailored membership plans offer flexibility for the part-time, casual worker whilst also offering more permanent solutions for full-time members and small businesses. We recognise how different work life can be in a place like Ibiza for many individuals. We knew we would need to adapt our concept to suit the needs of our members by offering key features such as 24/7 access for full time members who may work the weekends or late into the night. We invested in the best, super-fast and reliable fibre optic WIFI with a back-up network just in case. These things, among many of our other unique features is what makes theHUB. an ideal space to work within. We’ve noticed such a collective surge in productivity that it really makes being here something we want to do on a daily basis. We love seeing our members thrive together. If you’re considering changing up your workspace here in Ibiza, come by for the day (on us) and see how your productivity, motivation and creativity levels soar.

Kellie Allen – Co-Founder of theHUB.

  • David van Ineveld

    Great post! Love working here! ✌🏿

    • Kellie Allen

      We love having you with us David!