Tell us more about what you do/your business in Ibiza?

I have a number of businesses and projects split between Ibiza and the UK. I am the founder of The Everyday Agency a creative marketing agency which helps businesses maximise their marketing. We work with a range of clients from independent to major brands including electronic artists, record labels, festivals, club venues, lifestyle and conscious leaders into renowned public speakers from across the world.  I am also the co-founder of The Ibiza Food Festival which is a new festival celebrating all things to do with food and drink in Ibiza. This will take place 6/7th October this year and is an amazing platform to highlight the diversity on the island we all service and love! I also run two other digital magazines Everyday Giving, a solution based news platform spreading good news and supporting charities and Electric Mode which is a music based news portal for the global electronic music scene. So there’s an awful lot going on!

What brought you to Ibiza?

I have been coming for 11 years now, I just fell in love with the island the first time I came and kept coming back every year after. I was stuck in financial services running marketing for entire corporate brands, my love for work depleted and my love for Ibiza continued to ignite! Something needed to change and my former freelance experience assisting brands to build seemed the ideal way to independent freedom. In 2014, I took a leap of faith and persuaded my other half to do the same. I set up The Everyday Agency, made the move to Ibiza, within the first two weeks we secured our very first client –  Mo Chaudry, who took us under his wing, we learnt a lot from him about business relationships in Ibiza and he has been sorely missed (Rest In Peace).  

What are the benefits of working from the island?

I used to spend all of my money on holidays. Now I can work remotely from anywhere in the world, which has led to some epic travels to India, Bali, Australia and across Europe. I love working in Ibiza because of the place itself and the people in it. Here you find the most interesting people and experience an exciting mix of energy. Everybody loves to have fun in balance to work, which is rare! There’s a real excitement in the air and a true sense of community which can be lost in many places like the UK. Then there’s the natural beauty of the island, the sunsets, the sea, the forests, just being immersed in nature is great for creativity and getting back to centre after a heavy week of work. There hasn’t been a single day where I haven’t woken up and thought how lucky and grateful I am to live here. For anyone looking to make the move as a start-up business, try to begin by making your work remotely viable so you are able to work anywhere without having to be reliant on face to face client interactions.

What does your perfect day in Ibiza look like?

Eating at all of the amazing restaurants like breakfast at Skinny Kitchen, Lunch at La Paloma and Aubergine for Dinner, then making time to go to as many beaches as possible, diving into the deep blue and relaxing in nature! Whenever I get a spare moment, I always love exploring the island, even after 11 years we still find new places to visit or stumble upon. You can end the perfect day with the perfect night, so nipping into Circo Loco DC10 or Destino for Rumors  for a quick dance and socialising! I have to give a huge shout out to La Bella Verde, as many of my favourite days on the island have been spent sailing on their eco catamarans surrounded by friends, seeing dolphins and gorgeous sunsets with the best captains in town! 

What are your plans for the future?

This year is off to a firing start with some very big projects on the table and we’re really focussing on a diverse selection of what is the most challenging and interesting as long-term plans. We’ve got a really exciting season ahead as we move forward with the launch The Ibiza Food Festival – we’re bringing together a multitude of brands, foods and concepts and absolutely can’t wait to see all the elements come together! We will be announcing all the details shortly but expect to keep 6/7th October 2018 free and a few special pop-up events in between! Beyond that, I plan to continue to travel and work in amazing places like Ibiza, and hopefully retire before I’m 40!

The Ibiza Food Festival takes place on 6-7th October. For further information, visit or email

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