Tell us more about what you do in Ibiza?

My girlfriend and I set up coworking space theHUB. Ibiza on the 1st of June last year. It has gone from strength to strength and – after trying so many different businesses on the island – I’m very happy to say that it seems we’ve really cracked it this time. We’ve expanded once already and are aiming to have our third expansion completed around the time of our 1 year anniversary! New plans are under wraps but watch this space!

I have been living on the island since 2011 and have been involved in various different projects, I was the director of Plan Be an open-air venue which caused quite a stir and got us into a little trouble ;). It’s the same venue that is now theHUB. Ibiza so it’s funny how things go full circle!

Building a co-working network of diverse creative individuals has been a dream of both Kellie and I. Ibiza is a hub of creativity and being able to create a place and a platform for bringing this diverse range of people under one roof has been amazing.

What brought you to Ibiza?

I had been coming and partying here since 2007 and officially got the bug. On my first holiday I knew I wanted to live here one day. I finally took the decision to leave my job as a Financial Adviser in central London in 2009. I spent nearly 18 months travelling the world with a backpack which changed my outlook on life completely. I returned to the UK and had already decided it wasn’t for me. My Uncle had made the decision to move to Ibiza so it seems the stars aligned and we drove down together in April of 2011.

What are the benefits of working from the island?

It’s my favourite place on the planet, work/life balance is insanely good. And now with technology catching up, we have real top class facilities for international businesses and entrepreneurs. For anyone looking to make the move, I’d advise joining a co-working space like theHUB. Ibiza as you leapfrog about 2 years of networking time by being connected to people who have – and can – make things happen here. I always say to people that the cost of your membership will easily be earned back by the new opportunities that are created from the people you meet in the space if you immerse yourself properly into the community. This theory of mine has been proven multiple times already and it’s so rewarding to see the community go forward on new projects together.

What does your perfect day in Ibiza look like?

I start my days Monday – Friday with a PT; my brother and I share a martial arts training session around 08:30 with an amazing trainer Andre (based in the north of the island). We do full hour, pad work mixed with weight training and then we finish up our sessions with some sparring. There’s nothing more rewarding than having a bit of heavy sparring with your younger brother in the morning 😉

Then to theHUB. Ibiza to see how things are getting on, and jump in a meeting with our angel of an office manager Carmen…Followed by a few meetings with other members about some new projects I’m working on.

Then go for lunch to La Paloma with my beautiful girlfriend before either chilling out at our villa or going to the beach. There’s so many beautiful places to walk our dog and theHUB. Ibiza’s mascot Tito for a walk.

Finish the day with some home cooked food a bit of reading and/or a good film.

What are your plans for the future?

Our aim is to continuously improve theHUB. Ibiza to ensure we stay one step ahead and provide the best co-working environment for our community. We will be expanding into more space in the existing compound in the next few months, so stay tuned for further details…

I’m also working on a new vertical farming concept with my brother Jake. We have big plans but can’t divulge too much information just now; it’s something I’m really excited about and looking forward to sharing more info very soon.

Travel for up to 6 months next winter… And last but not least, get back into a routine of meditating twice a day, I’ve done periods of consistently meditating and – knowing the benefits – it is madness that I don’t do it consistently anyway!