Tell us more about your business in Ibiza?

I recently set up a brand strategy consultancy called Illuminate to help businesses gain clarity on how to build strong brands and make better marketing decisions.

I realised there are many entrepreneurs on the island who have big plans and lots of ideas but often fairly modest marketing budgets. I help them develop a clear idea of their brand purpose and positioning, what direction their brand should take, and where they should focus their marketing efforts.

Having a well-defined brand blueprint and marketing strategy helps business owners make better decisions and prioritise the right things. It’s a way of ensuring their brand stands out from the crowd and communicates in a consistent and compelling way.

My approach is very collaborative and I offer many of my services in the form of workshops, often held at theHUB. Ibiza. For example, I recently ran a Brand Discovery workshop for an author who needs help building her online brand profile. We used the workshop to distill her brand purpose, personality and key themes for her content. This was then used to develop her ongoing social media strategy.

What’s great about working at theHUB. Ibiza is that I’ve got to know other marketing experts who I can partner with or to whom I can refer clients who need help executing their marketing plans. I love the way we can work together to produce win/win solutions for us and our clients.

What first brought you to Ibiza?

I’d been coming to Ibiza on holiday every year since 2006. We used to stay in a beautiful rustic villa in Santa Agnes owned by a local artist who we got to know quite well. I got the opportunity to see past the clubbing culture and realised there was something quite magical about this place. The vibe on the island is something I’d never come across before.

I emigrated from the UK with my husband and spent seven years living in New Zealand. We had good jobs, strikingly beautiful beaches on our doorstep and a much more relaxing outdoor lifestyle than we’d had in London. So life was pretty good.

But one sunny afternoon in 2016, we were sitting in the gardens of a winery on the stunning island of Waiheke (30 mins off-shore to Auckland) drinking a heavenly bottle of Pinot Gris. It really was the perfect day in a perfect setting. Yet we felt something was missing from our lives. We realised that the thing, or rather, the place, was Ibiza.  So on that very afternoon, we decided to take the plunge, sell our house and move here permanently.

What’s different about Ibiza is that it attracts people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and follow their dreams.  It takes guts, determination and a good business mind to survive on a small island and I’m constantly blown away by the creativity and talent of the people I meet. It feels like the digital nomad movement is reaching a tipping point here. It was definitely the right decision and right time to make this place our home.

What are the benefits of working from the island and what advice would you give those looking to make the move?

Because Ibiza is a small and very transient island, it’s easy to find people who have been through similar experiences and want to help you. There is a real spirit of community and collaboration. Everyone wants to help each other out, and if they can’t help you directly, they will know someone who can. It’s also a very laid back place. You don’t feel judged or like you have to conform. It’s a very liberating environment to live in and creates infectious positive energy. You really feel like anything is possible.

For anyone looking to make the move, firstly, you need to take the time to understand the culture. Things are a lot slower here – “poco a poco” is a phrase you hear just about every day. It’s very bureaucratic and traditional making it hard to get things done. Nothing here makes sense, but in a way, that’s part of the island’s charm. I joke with my husband that you need 3 P’s to survive here – persistence, patience, and positivity!

Secondly, if you’re running a business targeting locals or tourists, it also pays to take the time to work out what people need and what’s actually going to work on the island. Whilst it’s great to develop a business that allows you to follow your passions, there’s a lot of competition here, especially in events, and in health & wellness. You need to have a brand idea that will stand out from the crowd and generate a sufficient customer base over the long term. Better still, run an online business that doesn’t exclusively depend on generating income from the island.

Thirdly, businesses need to think in terms of win/win. This island is too small to aggressively compete with each other. But opportunities are plenty when we find ways to collaborate.

What does your perfect day in Ibiza look like?

There are so many perfect ways to spend your days in Ibiza!  Some of my perfect moments would be: exploring a craggy clifftop with my 5 year old looking for caves and hidden treasure; visiting a local market and finding an absolute gem which I’ll end up wearing all season; swimming in crystal clear turquoise water; drinking a few glasses of ice cold rosé and dancing to some great tunes with friends in a beach bar or on our sunset terrace. My happy place on the island is Cala D’Albarca. It’s a cove to the north of San Mateo. We had the good fortune of renting a house there when we first moved to the island. Part of the deal was looking after two energetic dogs so this meant we got to explore every day. There are some lovely old ruins hidden in the pine forests and the views of the bay are absolutely spectacular. It’s one of the few places left in Ibiza that feel peaceful and secluded even in the height of summer.

What are your plans for the future?

To stay on the island as long as possible!

What makes me excited about the future (apart from more blue skies and white beaches) is the opportunity to use my marketing skills to bring about positive change, both here on the island and beyond. I spent seven years of my marketing career specialising in behaviour change. There are a lot of business owners in Ibiza whose mission is to improve people’s lives or to make the world a better place. I would love to use my expertise to help them make a real difference.

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