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Mirella Ingamells – CoWorking Member of theHUB. Ibiza

An insight of what you do… 

As well as a Personal Trainer here in Ibiza and running my own Fitness Retreats, I have a busy online business with online clients and group online coaching. I’m also mama to an almost 2 year old little girl Atari Maya so trying to keep my business going and progressing can prove very difficult as I don’t have as much time as I used to.

Why CoWorking at theHUB. works for you personally…

Before theHUB. I used to work either from home, or occasionally in coffee shops for a change of scenery, but neither was ideal as there are always too many distractions. theHUB. works amazingly for me. The space and working alongside other business owners & entrepreneurs provides for a really productive atmosphere. I get 10 times the amount done when I spend a day in theHUB. compared to at home or elsewhere. And where time is always my biggest issue when it comes to getting work done, this has revolutionised the way I work now!

What were your working days were like before you joined theHUB.?

Spent dipping in and out of various projects I have on the go but easily getting distracted by people, noise, things to do around the house!

How theHUB. has changed the way you work now?

My weeks flow so much better when it comes to getting work done. I look forward to a 10 hour day at my laptop at theHUB. where I can fly through everything in my to-do list.

What you enjoy the most about being a member of theHUB.?

The space and the people…like I said before, my productivity levels are so much higher now. The coffee is amazing too!


What you look forward to by being a member of a new, fast-growing community of members?

It’s exciting! Ibiza has needed something like this for a long time. I’m so pleased we now have this awesome space!

What are your thoughts on co-working in Ibiza?

I love it! Being surrounded by like-minded people who are all trying to grow, progress and chase success is really motivating.