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Our CoWorking Community

Our CoWorking Community

So, we are now in March and theHUB. Ibiza is celebrating being open for 9 months today. It’s been something of a dream watching our CoWorking space develop and grow with it’s members and we’re so proud to have witnessed our members coming together on new projects; merging ideas, skill sets and knowledge to collaborate together and thrive!

I must say that at first this happened quite organically and it brought home to Sam and I how important having a strong sense of community really is, not just within our co-working space and for our members but for the greater community of the island too.

Throughout the winter we have laid on a series of social gatherings at theHUB. called ‘The Winter Warm Up’ and these events have been providing opportunities for islanders to come together during off-season in Ibiza and connect over a few drinks, bites to eat, good music and great conversation. Personally, it has felt very enlightening to be connected with so many people and really hear about their stories. I’ve become even more interested in PEOPLE. What drives us, why we chose Ibiza to settle in, how we get motivated, what obstacles have we stumbled across along the way to our dreams, what we really don’t like and what we love!

Together with our talented team of innovators at theHUB. we’ve developed a learning platform for people on the island to come together, develop their skills and feel empowered to succeed in what they are pursuing. We’ve carefully considered and curated a selection of topics to create workshops and discussions on to suit all levels of experience and understanding. We are very excited to be launching these workshops in March, a full listing of these will be revealed very shortly.