Whilst in an ideal world it would be great to have the guidance and support of a social media expert from the offset, startups are often launched on a budget and social media management is a task delegated in-house. With that in mind, we wanted to share some fool-proof guidance for those taking on the challenge themselves.

  1. Choose the right platform for your brand

When it comes to social media, it is not one size fits all. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest all serve different purposes and are better suited to different types of products/services. If you are selling products that are visually impactful, e.g. clothing or food, Instagram can be a great platform to garner interest. Ensure you pick strong, eye-catching images and spend a bit of time to research the hashtags that work best, making your posts visible to the right audience. If you prefer a platform that best serves as an information hub, e.g. interacting with fans and exchanging information, Facebook is a good place to start as it offers features such as Events and Checking in. It is relatively intuitive and easy to navigate for beginners and you can also build your page before making it live.

  1. Research, Research

Research what your competitors are up to; decide what you do and do not like, and see what is working well with your target audience in terms of likes, views, and engagement. Use this as a guide to determine what your content strategy might be; if you spot a gap in the market, even better! Make sure you keep up to date with all the latest social media updates, including current trends, new features, and policy changes. Check in with sites such as We Are Social who provide daily news as well as roundups of the hardest hitting global campaigns, from which you can take inspiration. (Don’t be afraid to think big!)  

  1. Content is King

Managing social media channels takes attention, care, and effort, but Content is King. Take some time to sit down, map out your brand’s identity and decide which type of content best reflects it. Interesting and original content will attract followers and keep users dwelling on your posts, rather than just scrolling by. Video content is increasingly popular, and 80% of users now say they would rather watch a live video than read a blog. Give your community a sneak peek into your brand ‘behind the scenes’ – why not show some delicious food prep to whip your followers taste buds into a frenzy? Or a time-lapse shot of your art production? The ultimate content creation aim is to have your audience share your posts, increasing visibility, and driving awareness; keep it short and intriguing and your community will keep coming back for more.


  1. Be Consistent

Many people now use social media as a source of information on a brand or service as opposed to a website. Be consistent with your posts and maintain a regular presence to show your community that you are fully functioning and open for business. Interact with your followers; like their comments and respond in a timely manner, this all serves to highlight a good level of customer service and personal attention. Be careful not to over-share or bombard your followers with unnecessary information, as they may get irritated and unfollow you! Time your posts accordingly and use data and Insights to analyse when they are best responded to.

5. Measure Performance

Weekly and monthly reviews of your social media performance will help you to tailor future content plans. Don’t be afraid of failure, as this only shows you what not to do moving forward and allows you to constantly improve. Explore page insights that are available, for example, on Facebook, you can easily analyse data such as page views, and reach. Consider boosting posts that have worked particularly well, or crafting an advertising campaign to increase visibility – when doing so, ensure content is visual and keep wording to a minimum. Remember, it is a learning process and the more time you invest in getting to know your community, the more you and your brand will benefit. Good luck!


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