With more and more companies supporting the trend of remote working, achieving a work/life balance is now more realistic than ever. Young workers entering the industry demand a better quality of life and the kind of flexible working conditions that technology makes possible. The benefits – such as saving on commuting time and cost – also extends to employers, who can rotate staff and save on desk space.

And – unsurprisingly – as the number of remote-workers and freelancers continues to rise, so too does the coworking space phenomena. Here are a few reasons why:

You get to leave the house

When working from home, there’s a real danger that you might start incorporating household tasks into your day, such as mindless cleaning, preparing – and eating – lots of food, colour coding your record/clothing/shoe collection. This makes work tasks last twice as long and lost focus can result in errors. Coworking from a dedicated business space makes it easier to differentiate between working, and relaxing at home, so you can be better at both.

A chance to network

One downside of working from home can be a lack of collaboration, or interaction with others. Co-working spaces offer a great platform to meet like-minded creatives who are keen to work in new ways; why not pool up with other professionals whose services complement yours? Being part of a coworking community means you are constantly surrounded by potential partners, clients or mentors – just spark up a conversation and get the ball rolling.

Great amenities

In addition to the obvious benefit of a coworking space (a place to work), there are plenty of other advantages to joining the digital nomad community. As well as most offering both co-working areas and private desks for hire, meeting rooms and break out areas are also available – so make use of them for client meetings or brainstorms – and state of the art coffee machines/cafes/restaurants are perfect for meeting new people during a break. Fast and reliable internet is a given with any co-working office, and the use of a professional business address can be a great perk for a start-up. theHUB. Ibiza even goes one step further with its very own decked rooftop terrace : )

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