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Exclusive release of Conversations with Susie Pearl

Exclusive release of Conversations with Susie Pearl


By Lisa Chadderton

We were delighted when local author Susie Pearl, a much-loved member of the Ibiza community, decided to launch her new podcast series at theHUB. Entitled ‘Conversations with Susie Pearl’. The series features interviews with a fascinating array of visionaries, innovators and thought leaders of our time, from a variety of fields.

(Image: Susie Pearl)

The recent launch event was an intimate and inspiring evening. It attracted a diverse audience of islanders all eager to hear Susie speak and listen to the first podcast, featuring none other than filmmaker David Lynch. Widely regarded as a creative genius, David is also a passionate advocate of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and indeed set up his own foundation to promote TM Meditation around the world. The foundation provides research, teaching, and courses. It facilitates ease of access to TM for children in inner cities, for survivors of domestic violence, for ex-soldiers suffering from PTSD and many others.

David was originally interviewed by Susie as part of the research for her forthcoming book, ‘The Art of Creativity: The Daily Habits of Highly Creative People’ for which she also interviewed the likes of Russell Brand and Paul McCartney. Susie realised she was capturing some conversational gold in this process and thus the idea to share some of the recorded interviews as a podcast series was born. If the first one is anything to go by then the series will no doubt be a huge hit – offering an exclusive eavesdrop into some genuinely personal exchanges between these exceptional creative thinkers – Susie being one of them!

It’s been an incredible journey for Susie over the last year or so. She was diagnosed with a potentially fatal brain tumour in Spring 2018 and, along with chemotherapy, embarked on a radical mission to heal her tumour using hypnotherapy, alternative healing modalities, nutrition, and TM Meditation. Many of those who had played a part in Susie’s recovery were in the audience for the launch event and as she opened the evening by sharing about these experiences, we couldn’t help but marvel at the miracle sitting in front of us. It was very moving for everyone present.

The interview with David Lynch was a privilege to hear. From sharing his insights into the creative process and higher streams of consciousness through to his passion for coffee and cigarettes – it was honest, uplifting and full of humour.

(Image: Exclusive first listen to Conversations with Susie Pearl / Q&A)

We got a real feel for the character of this seemingly adorable man and his sense of peace within himself and with the world. All of this he continually related back to his discovery and practice of TM Meditation. In fact, so profound was the immediate impact of his first meditation that the exact date and time of it was etched firmly in his memory and he had not missed a meditation since. Following his training to the letter, David shared how he had sat down to meditate twice a day for the last 40 years, no matter what. He explained how his life was filled with joy, peace, and happiness as a result, not to mention the direct link to his creativity.

During the podcast, Susie also shared about her own journey of discovering TM Meditation, describing a challenging period in her life many years ago and how the practice had played such an important role in her recent recovery from cancer. She also spoke to David about his music, The Beatles and the magical island of Ibiza, amongst many other topics.

By the end of the interview, the mood of this unique island gathering was full of positive energy and it seemed as if everyone in the audience wanted to learn Transcendental Meditation for themselves. Fortunately, Susie shared her intention to bring a special teacher to the island in the near future, a member of the foundation who would offer the course to those living in Ibiza. There is a very specific way to learn the technique and a pure lineage to be honoured, something David believed should not be tampered with. We will be delighted to share the information for the course once it is confirmed, stay tuned to theHUB blog and social channels for more details.

In the meantime a listen to the first podcast is highly recommended. You can hear the interview with David Lynch and follow Susie’s podcast series at  www.conversationswithsusiepearl.com as well as on Apple or Spotify. We heard a sneaky peak that the internationally renowned author and speaker on human consciousness, Gregg Braden, is next up in the series and we can’t wait for that!

Susie is also currently taking bookings for her much anticipated creative writing workshops, to be hosted at theHUB on Saturday mornings starting from 12th October. For further information and to book your spot please visit http://bit.ly/creativewritingwithSusiePearl