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Members Spotlight | Lisa Chadderton

Members Spotlight | Lisa Chadderton

We had the pleasure of interviewing one of our long term members, Lisa Chadderton, Lisa discusses her Ibiza journey, the ideal day off and coworking benefits! 


Where are you from and what first brought you to Ibiza?

The North of England. I originally used to come to go clubbing I loved the music and freedom here. I moved here for a man 9 years ago. We didn’t last but I stayed as it was Ibiza I realised I was really in love with!

Lisa Chadderton

Tell us more about your business in Ibiza

I am a freelance PR and Marketing consultant working with a wide range of clients from restaurants to DJs to yoga teachers! I’m also a DJ and events organiser.

What are the benefits of working from the island and what advice would you give those looking to make the move?

The benefits of working from Ibiza are many. It’s a very unique place to live and work where you get opportunities to meet incredible people and work in stunning locations, opportunities that just don’t pop up every day where I come from. It’s a very liberating, creative and unconventional place to build your dream life and business! And it’s sunny most of the time. My advice is to go for it. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect. Dive in, introduce yourself to people, get fully involved in the community and be here during Winter as that’s when the magic happens!

Why did you choose to work at theHUB? Tell us your story.

I originally advised a previous employer who was expanding his marketing agency from the UK into Ibiza to take an office at theHUB before it was built as I knew Sam and Kellie and could see what an important concept this was for the island. I knew this would be a great networking space and a chance for our relatively unknown company to get right into the heart of the business community of the island and grow the business as a result. When I left the job a few years later to go freelance I decided to keep working from theHUB because I felt a part of the community there and could see it would generate business for me through collaborating with others there, which it has.

What’s your craziest memory related to the island?

All of it!

What 3 words would you use to describe theHUB / It’s community?

Creative, inspiring, supportive!

Nagai Restaurant (Ibiza Spotlight)

What does your perfect day/night on the island look like?

The perfect day is on the beach with like-minded friends with a picnic and a guitar and the perfect night is dinner at Nagai followed by an intimate house party with me and all my favourite DJs on the decks playing back to back!



What are your plans for the future?

Keep on living my dream life here to the full. Grow my business, take on a team member, bring more of my family and friends over here to live!