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Members Spotlight | Richard Stokes (Mojo Development)

Members Spotlight | Richard Stokes (Mojo Development)

Richard Stokes, executive coach, tells us about his life and business in Ibiza, including his new podcast ‘The Mojo Podcast’


Where are you from and what first brought you to Ibiza?

Born in Africa, grew up in Shropshire but London has been home since uni days. I first came to Ibiza in the 80s on a proper bucket and spade package holiday, we stayed in Portinax and I vividly remember a boat trip to Formentera with bottles of cava being thrown into the sea for drunken passengers to dive for! Fast forward many years and many holidays here – the best one involving chartering a yacht from Mallorca and sailing over here – we took the plunge and moved here in September 2018.


Tell us more about your business in Ibiza

Moving to Ibiza has been about embracing change and realising potential. After 20 years in the advertising business – based in London but with global roles – I retrained as an executive coach. I did in part because I was fortunate enough to have access to a coach myself, and this massively helped our decision to make the move to the White Isle. I set up Mojo Development almost exactly a year ago. I help people and businesses grow. I do this through executive coaching (both face to face and remote via Skype), I run training sessions on areas like pitch skills, I facilitate workshops for teams to work better together and I do various bits of consultancy. It’s broad but that means I get to work with loads of brilliant people. 


If you could collaborate with any brand who would it be, and why?

We’re lucky there are so many brilliant brands on this island built by passionate entrepreneurs. I love what people like La Bella Verde are doing within eco-tourism, you have to take your hat off to Sal De Ibiza for brand consistency, and of course, the clubs are global in their own right. In terms of collaboration, I’d love to get more involved in IMS (International Music Summit) as they seek to support music professionals through greater mental health awareness. Talking openly about stress, anxiety and finding sustainable ways to overcome these would be a win/win.

Why did you choose to work at theHUB? Tell us your story.


I remember the day very clearly when I realised I needed something like theHUB in my life. It was January, I was struggling to adapt to a consultants routine ie not being 9-5 in an office anymore. I started to go a bit stir-crazy working from home. I think it was when I had an in-depth conversation about Brexit with our dog Cuba that the alarm bell finally rang! So after seeing all theHUB info on Instagram I came down for the week to try it out and I’ve been there ever since. I like the atmosphere that the team have created- there is a gentle buzz meaning you can get work down but importantly have a chat, share a joke and even rant about Brexit.

What does your perfect day/night on the island look like?

Breakfast by the pool, Paddleboarding around Pou des Lleo, lunch at El Bigote, a dash across the island to catch an Es Vedra sunset, drinks at Paradise Lost in the old town, dinner at La Brasa and then a dance at Pacha. I’m exhausted just writing that!



What are your plans for the future?

I plan on enjoying every day as it comes, since moving here I’m certainly more about living in the moment than over analysing the future. That said goals are good to have, they keep us moving forward and that helps with well being and happiness. Right now I’m super excited about launching my podcast- The Mojo Podcast (available in all the usual places!). I recently attended the podcast course by Reset Rebel Productions held at the HUB. I’m now ready to go and each week I’ll be talking to brave and fascinating people all over the world (and certainly some in Ibiza) about the changes they’ve made in life to reclaim their mojo. Beyond that, building my business and making our Ibiza life as sustainable as possible.

What 3 words would you use to describe theHUB and its community?

Supportive / Open / Creative

What’s your craziest memory related to the island?

Some people may have described our decision to quit a comfortable corporate career, leave a nice flat, say goodbye to family and friends etc as crazy. I wouldn’t. I’d say it was entirely rational. Sometimes the biggest risk in life lies in doing nothing. However, I’d say having to commit to a years rental of a Finca we hadn’t been able to visit before arriving next here was pretty crazy. Especially with all the property scams, the island has become sadly infamous for. As we drove up to the house, I really didn’t know if it was legit!

You can take a listen to the Mojo Podcast by clicking here